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More homeowners than ever are swapping out those plain old three-tab shingles they had up before for Architectural Shingles instead. This newer, sleeker, and fancier version has gotten more popular in recent years – especially here in the Greater DC Area! It gives homes a prettier look, it’s got an attractive textured effect (plus, who doesn’t love dimension?), and you’re getting a lifetime limited warranty with these bad boys too. They last much longer too because they’re thicker and heavier – talk about one heck of an investment!


Katchmark Construction is skilled at installing and restoring metal roofing systems. A metal roof provides superb strength, durability, and is fire resistant; it requires little maintenance outside of a hail storm that could dent its surface. Surprisingly affordable, you’ll love how durable these roofs are given their long-lasting life span. Plus they come in many different colors and styles to suit your personal preferences.
Katchmark Metal Roofs
Katchmark Slate Roofs


Slate roofs are a timeless investment and perfect for any home, residential or commercial. They’re high-performing and low-maintenance. In this city – which thrives on history – many homes have been built using slate because of how beautiful it is. Slate resists stains due to its inert properties and prohibits moss and algae from growing over time (even if we don’t take care of them). It also happens to be fireproof! Slate has unique visual beauty that doesn’t fade over time thanks to the craftsmanship put into each individual tile by artisans who work with their hands every day


Copper will not rust, has no finish to scratch or peel, is easily manipulated and weathers naturally to a beautiful, natural green patina. Although considerably more expensive than aluminum and steel, copper is the metal of choice for buildings with a long design life. Copper is a popular option for historic establishments due to its timeless beauty. It is also a popular choice for bay window roofs and dormer roofs.

Katchmark Copper Roofs

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We pride ourselves in providing the most high-quality roofing services throughout the greater Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas. No matter the size of your property or type of roof, our roofing experts can create a reliable timeline and budget that you can comfortably rely on. When it comes to your roofing project, trust the professionals.link

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At Katchmark, we assess your entire structure and determine which type of siding is best for you. Whether you are looking to add charm, character, a makeover for resale, or you just want a new look, Katchmark’s installation team will provide you with a stress-free experience and beautiful results. link

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Gutters are one of the most important features to the overall performance of a building's exterior. They do an incredible amount of work, moving water away from your roof and the base of your property. Katchmark installs several gutter types and styles, including seamless aluminum, welded copper and box gutters.link

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Doors & Windows

We employ a talented and experienced team of high quality window installers who are well versed in installing virtually all of the major window brands. For window replacement in Northern Virginia and the DC area, we are one of the few installers approved by the American Architectural Manufacturing Association in the area. link

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Katchmark Construction is certified to install roofing systems that are backed by the top manufacturers. Get a Roofing Estimate Call Katchmark today at (703) 817-0200 for a free consultation and estimate for your roof.link

Maintenance Programs

Roof Maintenance is necessary to prevent premature roof failure, downtime and inventory damage. Katchmark’s popular preventative maintenance program will give you the reassurance that your building will be safe from premature deterioration and costly, unnecessary repairs.
Katchmark Residential Roof Maintenance Programs

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